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I’m clearly going to hell, but would you consider doing like a quick sketch of Connie/Sasha mind wiped, and whomever their kid is just looking horrified? And you could make it even angst ire by having Reiner/Bertholdt/Annie as the ones who do it

I think we’re going to hell together just wait til the springles wake up and the springlesbaby finds out his parents are gone baby is too young now to realize what has happened

Ok ok but...but can Springles maybe live happily in this AU 0_T

In this AU you’re either a Villain or a Tragic Backstory

Question Ten →


He stares at it. Question ten. “Give five signs that identify the werewolf.” It’s an exam like any other, but that one question makes him grimace. He’s not… fond of his… oh, what did Prongs call it? His ‘furry little problem’? Which, of course, made people think he had a hyperactive and overly…

WHOAAAA I followed you for your SNK art and I am just finding out now after reading your "pulling and Dean and getting pie" post that your also into supernatural. I think I'm in love.

X3 Ahh yes, I’m spn loving trash, don’t fall in love with a trash potato like me

The BRA trio with Dark Marks tho
Goodbye I’m gone

Please don’t come into my inbox telling me that one ship is more important than another. Thanks.

Hmmm who would be Frank and Alice Longbottom? Like...Springles maybe?




DOTTY THE MARAUDERS AU IS GETTING OUT OF HAND kept the nicknames for reasons

hdotk replied to your post:hi yes… 
Once upon a time there were two boyfriends and one was a werewolf. The werewolf thought the non-werewolf killed his friends and got sad. But then he got un-sad. But then the non-werewolf was killed and the werewolf was sad again. Then he died. End.
hi yes hello, teeny tiny question. is the marauders au just an art thing or are there plans to turn it into a fic or what? cause i love all the art so much and like just imagine reading that like holy cow cause i think everyone and their mommas want a maurauders story and tbh j, e, &m kinda really fit the personalities of the three so like, hey, nbt right?

Well right now it’s just an art thing between hdotk and myself and I don’t think either of us have plans to write anything for it?? (unless dotty’s writing something who knows).

It’d be pretty cool to read but it would probably be quite different from the slew of headcanons we have right now XD

Well I’m lookin’ for a dream on a mean machine, with hell in his eyes

*Jean proceeds to trip over and knock over his bike like the massive dweeb he is*


not sure what I’m gonna draw, sorry yo

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