This blog is currently on hiatus / hella NSFW / SNK Stuff / Multishipper / Jeanmarkasa is my baby / I am just a quarter of a century child with a tablet and a laptop, drawing shit.


uh…. streaming the jeanmarcos eyyy

I might stream this jeanmarco thing (technically for ask-irl-french-jean HAPPY BIRTHDAY, but it’s gonna be belated since it stopped being their birthday like 10 minutes ago)

I highly doubt anything you churn out will be bad. Art is art and I love YOUR art. Welcome back. I hope you didn't run into too many titans.

@____@ Ahhhhh, thank you! I know it’s not terrible per se, it’s just… it’s like pulling teeth trying to get things to look right, and they still don’t look right?

Woah, you're still alive! Haven't seen you on my dash, so I thought you went on some secret mission in space. So, uh, how are you? Going to draw things again soon?

I most certainly wasn’t in space. Nope. Nuh-uh. Not even close. And I never lie. Nope, never. >___>

I’m trying to get my body to draw things, but it won’t cooperate. Please bear with the scribbles that will ensue.

Normally I'm not the biggest Ereri fan. But there's something so soft and sweet about the way you draw it that I really really like it :) hope you have marvelous day!

Ah~! Thank you so much, doll~  Ereri gets a bad rap, and while I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of this ship, I kinda love fanboy Eren

Arrgh no clue what to draw… maybe I should find one of those meme things…. or do a livestream…. Or maybe this is a sign from the heavens that drawing is not meant to be

reopened my ask box and am back… for the most part. ^___^

If you sent me a message I’m doing my best to get back to everyone. <3

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So not gonna spam this blog with metrocon shizz but I think I just saw red beanie jeanmarco XD
Angel wings are annoying btw

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