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Post-makeout, Jean continues gaming, Marco decides to be a nerd, and they both enjoy ice cream

Welp, I better get onto that jeanmarkasa smut then.

I feel really guilty now…..

Can you make your otp touch nipples?

That’ll be difficult seeing as how practically no one in anime has nipples so….

Mikasa touched the bewbs and jean tickled the booty. There the deal is sealed.

I thought you people liked me

99% sure I was promised smut for smut and I did my part and now I’m just waiting for you nerds to keep up your end

i was watching your stream last night with the jeanmarkasa art and my mom walked into my room and she just said 'nice, i like the art, thats beautiful, have fun kiddo' and walked away


I’m crying tell your mom I say thank you TTuTT

Not really an idea but what happened to the jeanmarco doujinshi/comic from a while back? Just wondering if part 3 ever happened *flies away into the sunset*

There is no part three, and I’m not super sure if I’ll ever make one. I apologize… I wasn’t super happy with where I was taking it so you’ll just have to use your ~*~*imaaaaaginatiooonnnnnn*~*~

Do u watch RWBY?

No, actually, I haven’t! I haven’t seen a lot of things, actually, which becomes really apparent if we ever have a conversation about anything contemporary other than SnK….

do you ship aruani or ereanimin

yes and omg I’ve never even heard of ereanimin

I’m watching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead if anybody’s into that

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Give and Take


Rating: R for sex and language


Author: Quite possibly the most fantastic person on this planet, at least to me because everything about this is perfect… and they need to know how much I love it, how hard I’ve started crushing on the author, so here we gooooo:


            Jean was a fucking wreck.

            He sat at his desk, tapping his boot against the floorboards restlessly, narrow eyes shifting to the window and to the paperwork before his desk, hands clasping and unclasping.

            How much longer were Marco and Mikasa going to be? It had been years since there had been a breach in the walls but there had been a report of a titan sighting and he’d sent his men reluctantly—but it was what he had to do.

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